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Publish Date: March 29, 2022

When Sally Sidman was 5 years old, she knew she felt called to be a doctor. “God equips us and calls us to His purposes,” she said.

Sally and her husband live in Indiana near their three children, five grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. Working in emergency medicine at a local hospital amid the daunting challenges of COVID-19, Sally is more aware than ever of worldwide need.

“I first became involved with Convoy of Hope after I found them on Charity Navigator,” she says. “I met with Convoy’s local representative, Philip Huppe, and attended an event where I learned so much more. I was moved to see how people were helped through a disaster, but also given skills to learn how to sustain themselves. It’s wonderful to cover the immediate need and the long-term need.”

Sally believes even a small thing can change someone’s life. Years ago in medical school, she could only pledge $10 to charity. “For me, that was a lot of money at the time,” she said. “Some people think, ‘If you can’t do something big, don’t do anything at all.’ But something small can do so much and change a person’s life entirely. I hope that others will consider doing something today.”

The 5-year-old girl who believed she would dedicate herself to medicine still believes her greatest gift in life is to help others.

“I wish I was independently wealthy, because my gift is giving,” Sally said. “It’s an amazing privilege [to] help people. I was born to give.”

When Sally learned about the Charitable Gift Annuity philanthropic strategy, she discovered two advantages for her personal situation.

“It allowed me to have some money to support myself as I grow old, and [to] not have to depend on my kids later,” she says. “It’s also the perfect way to give more to charity. I’ll receive guaranteed income while I’m alive, and I’ll be able to leave something behind to Convoy of Hope.”

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