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Publish Date: January 2, 2022

Convoy of Hope considers it a privilege to receive the gifts of dedicated donors and to use those resources for serving others. Here are a few ways that Convoy of Hope regularly witnesses the generous hearts of giving people.

The Courageous Giver

Man holding signLast year, students from the University of Missouri camped out for nearly three days in the cold to raise money to feed hungry kids. Equipped with blankets, chairs, and a portable heater, they displayed a board filled with the numbers 1 through 120 (the number of dollars it takes to feed a child for a year through Convoy of Hope’s feedONE campaign).

Blaz’ Barton, a junior, talked to everyone who would listen about feeding children. “We would be yelling out that we were not leaving until all the board was sponsored,” Barton said. He and his friends raised nearly $4,000 and signed up other students to donate $10 per month to feed a child in school.

The Giving Family

Women holding a chickLeticia Cline and her husband, Jack, have built generosity into the DNA of their business, as a substantial percentage of profits is set aside for that purpose. “We have a responsibility to take care of each other,” Leticia said.

Recently, the two went on a trip to El Salvador, where they witnessed Convoy of Hope’s international work firsthand and met the people they help to empower.

Gifts in Kind

Boys eating at picnic tablesA question often asked of Convoy is where we get enough food to feed 387,000 kids. A big part of the answer is nonmonetary gift-in-kind (GIK) donations from partners like Feed My Starving Children and Meals from the Heartland.

“Our Children’s Feeding initiative has grown exponentially as our meal partners have continued to give more,” said Erick Meier, Convoy’s Vice President of Supply Chain. “It’s a blessing to know how many children are fed a nutritious meal because of these incredible organizations.”

The Gift of Partnership

Boys eating at picnic tablesOn August 14, a massive 7.2 earthquake struck southwestern Haiti. The location of the earthquake created a challenge to get critically needed food, water, and relief supplies to the far side of the country. Convoy was offered the opportunity to partner with the U.S. Navy.

“It’s a big group effort that has really changed the game for us in Haiti,” said Chris Dudley, Stabilization & Humanitarian Intervention Director for Convoy of Hope. “The Navy brought their landing craft to the table and asked, ‘How can we help?’”

The Gift of Time

Man standing by semiThrough a new relationship with FedEx, employees can volunteer to drive for Convoy of Hope. Mark McNeely jumped in to serve communities that desperately needed help after Hurricane Ida struck Louisiana.

Based out of Kansas City, McNeely was excited about a new way to volunteer his time and skills. “It was nice getting to come help you guys out,” he said of Convoy. “I’ve seen your trucks on the road before but never knew much about you guys. I’m hoping I get to do more in the future.”

Giving Out of Thanks

Man and woman harvesting gardenTo help address food insecurity in the Philippines, Convoy started Ag567, where groups of five farmers work together, plant six different crops, and swap caretaking roles every seven days. Participants loved the variety of work, and communities with Ag567 gardens now have a reliable source of food and income. Many have begun to sell surplus and seedlings.

“I’ve never seen community involvement like this,” said David Vanderpool, Convoy of Hope’s International Food & Agriculture Specialist. “They are self-motivating, they are creative, they are innovative, they are forward-thinking.” Communities have also donated crops and seeds to local schools so students can have access to sustainable food sources.

Through the generosity of Convoy’s partners and supporters, the work to spread hope continues, and the spirit of giving is alive and well.

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